Peace Music Club (PMC) is a unique peacebuilding initiative by Col. VS Malik (Retd), Peter Ki, Andrew Luikang, John T.A., Soiba Francis, Kabi John and Alphonse Daniel (Collectively called the Founding Members). PMC is aimed at harnessing the musical talent of the youth of North East India to contribute to a peaceful society.
With the motto of "Peace through Music", PMC will begin its mission among the Maram Nagas of Senapati District, Manipur, and will eventually expand its activities to the whole of North East India with the goal of spreading the message of peace throughout the region, which is in desperate need of peace. The Club's headquarter is in Maram, Senapati District, Manipur, India.

Col. VS Malik (Retd), known fondly in the local Maram community as 'Karaiba' (meaning 'first one'), conceived the idea of the Peace Music Club. Since then, he has continued to actively lead the Club as Patron and President of the Club. Peter Ki, in his capacity as the General Secretary of the Club, is a key figure right from the start. The other members of the Managing Committee continue to selflessly render the necessary services for the Club. PMC is yet to be registered under FCRA.

Peace Music Club is a registered society in Manipur
(Regd No. 832 of 2007 MSR Act I of 1990)

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